Project description: CrossFeats is a physical activity dashboard and CrossFit report card made for the class Designing for Data Personalization.

Roles: Coder, Web Developer, Data Collector, Photographer, CrossFitter, Researcher

Technology: The project combines HTML, CSS, Javascript, User Experience, Information design, and Data.

For our Designing for Data Personalization final, we had to present a data story either public or personal. The project is an information-designed website which presents personal data on my physical activity such as monthly workout frequency, days and times I train the most, and CrossFit lifting numbers such as the backsquat, deadlift, snatch and clean & jerk.

It also includes information regarding the average CrossFit male and female athlete as well as the reigning CrossFit Games 2015 men's and women's champions.

The goal is to make data more meaningful and engaging to people by personalizing the information so that the audience can gain insight and connect to the issue, problem or story being told.

For the website: CrossFeats