Eat your art!

Project description: A plate book designed to persuade kids to eat healthy by encouraging them to play with their food. 

Roles: Ideator,  Project Manager, Creative Director, Researcher, Designer, Photographer, Maker

Technology: The project combines user experience, research, persuasive design, photography, and digital fabrication.

Collaboration: Minju Viviana Kim


For Persuasive Design class, we were tasked to identify a problem or issue that we wanted to influence.

I collaborated with Minju Kim and decided that we wanted to tackle childhood obesity. 

As we were making our research, learning more about our target market, reading about the behavior of children, we constantly tweaked our ideas. It was a rally from influencing their eating habits to engaging them for more physical activity.

Our ideas ranged from shopping cart dividers for food, adjustable meal portion plates to television time control pedometers. They could've worked but they weren't exactly fun which for our target market is essential.

As we progressed our research, we found out through researchers in Montfort University in Leicester that enjoyment of tactile play of food is associated with lower food neophobia in preschool children.

Based on this, the main insight that we discovered is "playing with food is actually good!" so we made a prototype for a plate book that allowed kids to create food art.

We made use of the laser-cutter to produce our plate book prototype.